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Yankee Haters Unite: A Brief Introduction

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If you know me at all, you know two things. I love the Blue Jays…and I reeeally hate the Yankees. If you’ve seen my Facebook at times you know that I can get pretty heated when the Yankees do something. I’ve always said they’re pretty good at just pissing me off. 
There’s a couple reason I hate the Yankees…and its not just because I’m a fan of a team in the same division and they are generally more successful than the Jays (and it pains me to say that). 
Lets get this straight…the Yankees buy their team, their wins, their championchips and in a large part, their fans. 
Sure, its allowed and the ultimate goal is to get wins. But, come on. For anyone that isn’t a Yankees fan, it sucks!
Should the outcome of a pennant race be allowed to be determined by which team pays more for their players? Why dont we just take an actual pennant, write “World Champions 2010” on it, stick it on eBay and let the GM’s start the bidding war? Whoever pays the most for it is the best team. 
Believe it or not, some people believe that baseball would look exactly the same with a salary cap. Are you fricking kidding me?! If that Yankees were’nt allowed to spend over 206 MILLION dollars (2010 payroll), they obviously would not have all the big name players that they purchased. What would happen to those players? Well if they Yankees were’nt there to outbid everyone, maybe they could’ve gone to other teams. 
The average player salary would most likely decrease at the same time, but do we really need one single player making 33 million dollars? The top four highest paid playes in baseball are Yankees. This prestigous group is lead by none other than the bahemoth salary of Alex Rodriguez, who in 2007 made more that the entire Florida Marlins baseball team…thats every fricking player on that team combined!
Without payrolls like the Yankees, baseball would be much more balanced, more competative and more enjoyable to watch. what would you rather see? Two fairly evenly balanced team locked in a race for the division or one steamroller team destroying everything in its path because they baught the all-star team?
This year, the Yankees salary is more that 43 million dollars MORE than the next lowest salary, the Red Sox (which, still, isnt that great). Thats enough to buy almost three Roy Halladays (more if you’re looking at his sayary with the Jays). 
Who thinks Stephen Strasburg will REALLY be the future of the Nationals? I dont. I think he’s there temporarily until the Yankees offer him more money and whatever other ******** they say to entice players. Are the Nationals really going to have the money to keep him? No, they’re not.
It’s an endless cycle, too. Part of it lies in the simple fact that the Yankees are one of the oldest teams in baseball. They’ve won a lot of games over the past 100+ years and got a lot of fans. With fans comes money. With money comes better players and with better players comes more wins and more championchips…which leads to more fans, more money, more wins…
I’ve always been a fan of seeing players progress through the minors and stay with their parent team throughout most of their career. Thats why Roy Halladay had so many fans in Toronto, including myself. 
I’ve always been a fan of good games, as I’m sure most fans of any sport are. 
I’ve always been a fan of fair competition, where everyone is on a level playing field and where just because one team has more money, it doesnt mean they’re an automatic favorite to win the World Series. 
I know a lot of people hate me for this, but it’s alright. Living in New York and hating the Yankees almost as much as you like a foreign team is fircking awesome. I have a blast. Mosy of my family are Yankees fans. So go ahead and argue with me. I’ve been doing it for a long time. Yankees suck. 
“Yankee Haters Unite” is something a friend of mine came up with. We’re both hugeYankee-haters and whenever I need to drain with Yankee raleted stuff, I go to her. Shoutout to Kristen! Anyway, this is something I plan on doing every once in a while. Maybe regularly, eventually. Weekly? Bi-weekly? What do you think? Comment!