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Welcome To The Club!…And Welcome Back To The Club!

Finally. It took long enough but I’d put money on Aaron Hill for the second half. Hill went 3 for 4 tonight with a homer in the 2nd and scoring 2 of Toronto’s 4 runs. Him returning to any semblance of his former self would be a big part in Toronto getting good for the second half. If he and Lind could get hot, we could have a pretty good ballclub on our hands. Oh, and I have to say, I got a picture before the game of City talking hitting to Hill (Cito is swinging his little air bat). I’m taking all the credit for photographing the beginning of Hill’s comeback. 

I’m officially a fan of the new “new-guy”. In the first inning after Fred Lewis’s double, Yunel Escobar bunted (completely on his own) to advance Lewis to third (who later scored on Wells sac fly) as well as making it safely to first. He worked an 8-pitch walk in the second and made a few great defensive plays including a sick catch in the 9th to help finish out the 9th. Anyway, I like him. So far. Yeah, new guy!
Shoutout to Romero, too! Here’s his line…
7 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO
Baltimore’s only two runs came on errors by Fred Lewis and Edwin Encarnacion who, apparently, decided to just watch balls roll by them. Come on! Anyone else feel like there have been way too many dropped balls and missed catches lately? Toronto has the seventh least number of errors committed over the season but in the last thirty days, theyre up to number 16. I’m hoping that really doesn’t mean anything…
Last but not least, congrats to Dirk Hayhurst (@TheGarfoose) on a great interview on today’s episode of the Baseball Today podcast. Great story, Dirk, I’m honored to follow you and good luck on your recovery! Everyone should listen to this!
Thats all for tonight, folks. I’ll be at the game again tomorrow night as well as going on the field during BP thanks to a very good friend of my uncle’s, Jerry Howarth. Psyched! I’ll be tweeting the whole game and probably have another post after it or by Sunday morning. Follow me here: @ADKSherpa5344
Thanks guys! 
Go Jays.