About jays55rpw

The name’s Ryan. I’ve been a Toronto fan at
heart since birth. Heres the catch…I live deep into
Yankee’s territory, behind enemy lines, in rural New York.
Don’t think that means anything, though. I hate the Yankees
more than anything on earth and love Toronto just as much. My
uncle is John Cerutti, former pitcher and TV broadcaster for
the Jays. Being south of the border, I can only listen to
games but I do just about every night and I’ve been a pretty
regular “Tweeter” about all things Jays. I’m a Junior in High
School, pitch for my school team, do a lot of hiking and
mountain climbing in the Adirondacks, and love watching and
listening to my Jays. So anyway, follow my blog, follow my
twitter, and get ready for a prospective, looking up on the
Jays from south of the border. Go Jays.


Baseball, Hiking, Climbing, Camping, and
the Blue Jays